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Over the past several years, ridesharing has changed the way the people of New York use public transportation. Modern ridesharing apps like Lyft and Uber offer simplified and cost-effective transportation with the download of an app. Now, we have the option of arranging and paying for a ride with the simple click of a button. We no longer need to fight the crowded subway system of New York or stand out in the rain hailing a taxi. With rideshare apps, we can summon a ride, know exactly how much we are paying, pay for it, and sit back and wait. What can be more convenient?

But what isn’t so convenient is when that ride across town results in an accident. Then it can become an overwhelming jumble of medical bills and confusing insurance claims. If you have been injured in a Lyft or Uber accident in New York, either as a passenger or as another driver, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries.  However, these cases can be extremely complex. At Kucher Law, Brooklyn car accident lawyer Samantha Kucher and our skilled team of personal injury attorneys can help answer your questions and get the compensation for your injuries that you deserve.

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In New York City, Public Transportation is a Way of Life

Residents of New York City have long been familiar with taking a taxi or subway to get to their destinations. But the face of public transportation in New York has changed significantly with the concept of ridesharing. While this relatively recent and convenient method of transportation saves residents the expense and responsibility of owning a car, it also means that they are putting their life in the hands of a stranger who may or may not be a reasonable safety risk.

New Yorkers are great users of public transportation. But taxis, buses, and the subway are operated by trained professionals, and the companies and municipalities who run them are comprehensively insured. The business models of Lyft, Uber, and other ridesharing companies have changed all that.

When you order a Lyft or Uber in New York, the rideshare driver you have just summoned is not necessarily a trained professional. They may be inexperienced, distracted, careless, or even impaired. Furthermore, the vehicle they are driving is a personal vehicle, not a vehicle owned, maintained, and insured by a large municipality or corporation.

Rideshare drivers are not direct employees of the company. Consequently, if you are involved in an accident with a Lyft or Uber driver, the company cannot be held liable for your damages. Fortunately, Lyft, Uber, and other rideshare companies are now required by New York law to carry supplemental insurance. But this insurance coverage is not always available and is dependent on what operator status their driver is under at the time of the accident.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a ridesharing car crash in New York and has suffered any injuries, motor vehicle accident lawyer Samantha Kucher and our team of experienced New York City car crash attorneys can help you receive compensation from the at-fault party. To schedule a no-cost consultation to discuss your car accident case in NYC, call us now at (929) 563-6780.

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Lyft Accident Attorney Samantha Kucher Explains Who is Liable in Lyft/Rideshare Accidents

When it comes to rideshare accidents, there are several different scenarios:

Laws concerning Lyft, Uber, and other rideshare companies have tried to keep up with this modern technology, but they can still be complicated when it comes to accidents and liability. While rideshare companies offer limited insurance covering drivers and injured parties, it is only available in some instances, offering different levels of coverage depending on the driver’s operation status.

Depending on the scenario and who was at fault for the accident, it can be difficult to navigate an injury claim after a Lyft or Uber accident in New York without legal assistance. If you have been involved in a Lyft accident, it is critical to get the experienced assistance of a New York Lyft accident attorney. At Kucher Law, NYC car accident lawyer Samantha Kucher and our team of experienced Brooklyn vehicle accident attorneys are here to help you recover compensation for your injuries.

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Lyft Vs. Limousine Commission and NYC Taxis

Taxis are a great option. They screen their drivers and require background checks. Even though New York passed legislation in 2019 that required stricter standards for Limo companies to operate, Lyft drivers can still be independent contractors and are loosely regulated. Lyft is not subject to the same rules and regulations as taxis, and limo service providers.

Lyft launched services in Brooklyn and Queens on July 14, 2014. However, there are still questions and concerns about Lyft’s business practices. Lyft must check the qualifications of drivers and vehicles, according to New York City’s Taxi and Limousine Commission. Lyft says it’s a rideshare service and that licensing and base-station rules do not apply to them.

TLC placed a freeze on new licenses being issued for for-hire vehicles in 2018 for 12 months. It then extended the cap for another year, on August 7, 2019. Lyft and drivers are now allowed to spend 31% of their time in Manhattan cruising, with no passenger below 96th Street. Before this, $2.75 was added to each trip below 60th Street. A minimum wage was also established by city officials in December 2018.

New York Lyft Accident Lawyer Samantha Kucher Explains Transportation Network Services

Ridesharing, or Transportation Network Services as it is referred to under New York law, are covered under NY Veh & Traf L § 1693 (2019). This law covers safety issues, financial responsibility, and insurance requirements for rideshare businesses in the state of New York.

Under this law in New York, Lyft, Uber, and any other rideshare company are required to conduct background checks on their drivers. While background checks only reveal limited information on a driver, they will uncover any criminal driving record. But even if a driver has a clean driving record, accidents still happen.

Under this law, the rideshare company must also maintain a supplemental insurance policy that recognizes the driver as a driver for the company and provides financial responsibility coverage when the driver is logged into the network and is engaged in a pre-arranged trip. This policy offers different types of coverage for accidents that occur during on-app working hours.

How Accident Claims Work in New York City Lyft Accidents

With the convenience of rideshare apps such as Lyft and Uber comes newer kinds of injury claim issues when an accident happens. In New York, while we require rideshare companies to carry insurance policies to cover accident victims in just these cases, what is available to an accident victim can vary depending on the operating status of the driver. This can make recovering compensation after a Lyft or Uber accident difficult.

Whether an injured party looks to their own private insurance policy, the Lyft driver’s personal policy, another at-fault driver’s policy, or Lyft’s supplemental insurance will depend on many variables. This is when it is crucial to have the legal assistance of skilled New York City Lyft accident lawyers.

At Kucher Law, we will thoroughly investigate the accident in New York City and gain access to information that tells us at what point of operation the Lyft or Uber driver was at the time of the accident and what liability and financial recovery are available. Then we work diligently to look to any liable parties for the maximum compensation possible for our clients. If you or a loved one has been involved in a ridesharing car crash and suffered injuries, New York City car accident injuries lawyer Samantha Kucher and our team of knowledgeable vehicular accident lawyers can provide you with the legal service you need to fight for your case.

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Driver Operator Status and What Insurance Will Apply

Lyft has three different statuses that a driver can be at the time of an accident, each determining what coverage they have and what avenues for compensation are available to an injured party. These operator statuses include:

When the rideshare driver is not logged into the app at all, the driver is considered off-duty, and the accident will be considered like any other car accident in New York. Under our no-fault insurance laws, the available insurance coverage will be the private insurance of the victim or the rideshare driver, or another at-fault driver if the injuries meet New York’s serious injury threshold. Lyft’s insurance will not be available in this case.

When a driver is logged into the app and awaiting ride requests, Lyft’s supplemental insurance coverage will apply. In New York, for this driver status, Lyft must provide third-party liability insurance for covered accidents in the following amounts:

When the driver is fulfilling a ride request, the insurance must provide at least $1,250,000 in coverage for each accident for personal injury and property damages. These amounts also apply when a driver is at the airport prior to or after serving a customer.

Consequently, it is important to know the driver’s status to understand what insurance coverage is available. At Kucher Law, Brooklyn car accident lawyer Samantha Kucher and our experienced team of New York vehicular injury attorneys will determine the status of the driver and identify all possible liable parties to ensure fair and adequate compensation for the injuries of our client.

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What Happens if Lyft Passengers Suffer From an Injury After an Accident in Brooklyn?

If a passenger of a Lyft driver is injured in an accident in New York City, they may have multiple avenues for compensation, depending on who was at fault for the accident. If the accident was caused by a Lyft driver’s negligence or even another driver, the injured party may be entitled to compensation from the rideshare company’s supplemental insurance coverage. If another driver was at fault for the accident, the injured party may also be able to file a claim against the at-fault driver’s policy.

Needless to say, this can be very complicated. After an accident involving a Lyft or Uber driver in New York, it can be challenging to know where to turn.

At Kucher Law, while you are focused on recovering from your injuries, we are focused on getting you the financial compensation that you deserve, whether that is from the Lyft driver’s policy, the rideshare company’s policy, or the at-fault driver’s policy. If you have suffered injuries in an accident with a Lyft driver, New York City car accident injuries lawyer Samantha Kucher and our skilled team of car crash attorneys can help hold the negligent party accountable so you can heal and get on with your life. To schedule a no-cost consultation regarding your car accident case in NYC, please call us at (929) 563-6780.

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Why it is Critical to Have a Lawyer After a Brooklyn Lyft Accident

Having an experienced NYC Lyft accident lawyer representing you after an accident can be critical to getting fair and adequate compensation after an accident. A skilled lawyer will help determine the Lyft driver’s status at the time of the accident, identify who was at fault, and negotiate the best possible settlement on your behalf. If a fair settlement is not possible through negotiation, your attorney can take the matter to court in New York City to ensure that you are fairly compensated for your injuries. 

Establishing fault, going up against a large rideshare company with equally large insurance coverage, or fighting to get fairly compensated from the at-fault party, can be daunting. At Kucher Law, car accident lawyer Samantha Kucher and our team of skilled New York City car crash lawyers will work diligently to ensure your best possible outcome. 

After an accident, our experienced Lyft accident attorneys will:

If you have suffered any injuries in an accident in New York involving a Lyft or Uber driver, don’t try to navigate this alone. At Kucher Law, car accident lawyer Samantha Kucher and our team of experienced New York City car crash attorneys are dedicated to getting you the compensation for your injuries that you deserve under the law.

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Statute of Limitations for NYC Lyft Injury Claims

The statute of limitations refers to the time limit that you must follow to obtain compensation for an auto accident. The “limitations” period begins immediately after the date of your auto accident.  According to New York law, personal injury lawsuits’ statute of limitations is three years.

This may seem like a long time. However, it could take months before the doctor can have a good sense of how serious the injuries are and whether they will heal. It is important to seek an accident lawyer right away so that the evidence and the victim’s memory of the accident are still fresh.

What Type of Damages Can You Recover After a Lyft Accident?

Suffering injuries from any car accident can be physically, emotionally, and financially overwhelming. At Kucher Law, we recognize that being involved in an accident involving a rideshare driver can be even more confusing. Our skilled New York City car crash attorneys are committed to identifying all your damages and seeking compensation from any liable party. These damages can include:

Rideshare accidents can be complicated. If you have been injured in an accident with a Lyft or Uber driver, a skilled New York personal injury attorney will advocate for you and assist you in navigating a very complex injury claim.

At Kucher Law, founding lawyer Samantha Kucher and our team of talented NYC car crash attorneys are committed to the legal rights and representation of accident victims and their families. We will help you understand what you are legally entitled to after a Lyft accident and work diligently to get you the compensation you deserve for your damages. Our skills and experience have resulted in great success, having settled more than 10 million dollars and recovered more than 25 million dollars in the victories of our cases.

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Seeking the Skilled Legal Advice of an Experienced Brooklyn Lyft Accident Attorney

Lyft drivers are accountable for the safety of their passengers as well as other motorists around them. If a Lyft driver is negligent, they may cause accidents or get involved in one that could cause serious injuries to others. Victims of Lyft accidents can sustain severe injuries that may force them off their jobs and the high costs of treatment can lead to victims running out of their savings.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a Lyft accident, do not let your insurance company treat you unfairly. Kucher Law Group’s team of experienced Lyft accident attorneys understand the importance of seeking maximum compensation for an accident victim. Contact us today for a free consultation with an experienced personal injury lawyer in Brooklyn.

We work on a contingency fee basis so you do not have to pay anything unless we win your case. Call (929) 563-6780.

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