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New York City is largely a city of apartments and other rental properties. In an ideal world, the landlord would properly maintain the property, make necessary repairs immediately, and ensure that tenants had a safe place to call home. Sadly, we do not live in an ideal world, and ceiling collapses and other catastrophic failures happen with frightening regularity.

In almost all instances, these are not mere accidents – they are the direct result of intentional negligence, and the property owner must be held accountable for your damages and injuries. At Kucher Law, we believe that no property owner is above the law and work to protect your rights.

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Ceiling Collapses in New York City

From the collapse of entire buildings to partial collapses to less severe but no less dangerous ceiling collapse incidents, New York City sees a significant number of catastrophic building failures. In most of these incidents, the failure was not the result of an unforeseen possibility or accident. They were all avoidable, the result not of an act of nature or God, but negligence on the part of the building/apartment owner or management company. Often the ceiling collapses due to an ongoing leak, improper maintenance, or a landlord who simply does not care about the tenants.

However, it need not be widespread damage or a major failure to cause massive damage and severe injuries. A partial bathroom ceiling collapse, while you are showering, could cause injuries from falling debris, but could also knock you backward, causing you to fall and hit your head on the edge of the bathtub, leading to a concussion and potential traumatic brain injury.

The situation gets even worse from that point – when EMS responds, provides treatment on the scene, and then transports you to the hospital, those costs are your responsibility. The same applies to costs incurred during a hospital stay. Even a brief hospitalization could cost thousands of dollars, and one lasting a few days might result in tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills.

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You could face many other costs, as well. Some of the most common include:

These costs should not be your responsibility. As a renter, it is not your responsibility to maintain and repair the property. That falls on the landlord or property management company. Property owners/managers must stay on top of apartment and rental maintenance and repair, as even a minor issue can quickly evolve into a major problem that causes systemic failure.

Ceiling collapses can result in serious injuries and hospitalization. However, they can also result in death. If you or a loved one has been injured through a ceiling collapse in a New York City apartment or rental property, contact Kucher Law today for a free consultation.

Potential Problems That Can Cause Ceiling Collapse Accidents in New York City

We often overlook the ceiling as part of an apartment or home’s structure, but it is crucial to comfort, safety, and quality of life. However, many things can have a negative impact on the ceiling and the roof above. Some examples include:

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What Does the Law Say?

Ceiling collapses and other similar occurrences in rental properties are covered under New York’s premises liability law. According to state law, building owners have a non-delegable duty of care to preserve the structural integrity of the buildings they own. How do you prove the property owner’s negligence, though? This is where Kucher Law comes in. Call us today to schedule your consultation

What Can a New York Ceiling Collapse Attorney Do?

At Kucher Law, we’ve represented clients all over New York City who have been injured by structural failures in rental properties. We can help in many ways, the most important of which is proving building owner/manager negligence. During our investigation, we will identify:

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Ceiling Collapse FAQs

Usually, the property owner has a specific duty of care that includes repairs and maintenance to the structure.

Premises liability cases require that you prove the owner had a duty of care to you, they were negligent in that duty, and that as a result, the collapse and your injuries occurred.

It will depend on your specific case, but you may be able to claim medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, lost income, damages for permanent injuries, alternative housing expenses, and pain and suffering.

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Getting the Advice of an Experienced New York Ceiling Collapse Attorney

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