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Approximately 1 million Americans suffer from burn injuries that require medical attention each year. From this number, roughly about 10,000 die due to burn-related infections. Burn injuries in the US are commonly caused by accidents involving hot water and steam, injuries from building fires, and contact with flammable materials. Burning accidents can be very unpredictable and even when precautions are taken, the risk of injury is still significant. Burn injuries often need specialized medical care and even rehabilitation after the initial treatment which can be financially devastating to the injured individual and their family.

If the accident or your burn injuries have been caused by the negligence or carelessness of another party, you may be able to seek compensation for the pain and suffering you have experienced. At Kucher Law Group, our team of skilled Brooklyn burn injury lawyers can help you navigate the legal complexities involved with filing a claim for your injuries and ensuring that your rights are protected.

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Skilled Brooklyn Personal Injury Attorney Samantha Kucher Discusses Burn Injury Claims

Burn injury claims are a type of personal injury claim where a victim seeks compensation due to a burn injury caused by another person or entity’s negligence. These types of injuries can be particularly severe and painful, often involving extensive medical treatment and rehabilitation. Additionally, burn victims may experience long-term financial, emotional, and physical consequences. 

Navigating the legal process can be overwhelming, especially when dealing with the physical and emotional aftermath of a burn injury. To be successful in a burn injury claim, the injured party must prove that the responsible party behaved negligently, causing the injury. Negligence is the failure to exercise reasonable care towards others, which can occur through acts of omission or commission. This means that the defendant either failed to act when they should have or acted inappropriately in a given situation. 

To establish negligence in a burn injury claim, the victim must prove four elements:

Establishing negligence is crucial for the success of a burn injury claim, and failure to prove any of these elements may result in the claim being dismissed or unsuccessful. 

Once negligence has been established, the next step in a burn injury claim is to determine the responsible party’s liability. Liability refers to the legal responsibility one party has for the harm they have caused to another. Determining liability can be complicated, as multiple parties may be responsible for a burn injury. 

Some common parties potentially liable in burn injury cases include:

  • Property owners who failed to maintain safe conditions
  • Employers who failed to provide a safe working environment or adequate training
  • Manufacturers of faulty or dangerous products that caused the burn injury
  • Service providers who acted negligently while performing their-service-related tasks

It is essential to identify all potentially liable parties to ensure full compensation for the victim’s injuries. Working with an experienced personal injury attorney is beneficial in these cases, as they can help gather evidence, identify all responsible parties and build a strong case for maximum compensation.

Damages in personal injury cases are typically divided into three categories:

  • Economic damages: These include the monetary losses a victim incurs due to the injury, such as medical expenses, lost wages, and future earnings.
  • Non-economic damages: These encompass intangible losses, such as pain and suffering, emotional distress, loss of enjoyment of life, and disfigurement caused by the burn injury.
  • Punitive damages: These are not awarded in every case but may be awarded if the defendant’s conduct was particularly egregious or maliciously intended to cause harm. Punitive damages are meant to punish the defendant and serve as a deterrent to others.

Calculating damages can be a complex process, especially when considering future expenses and emotional impacts. Having an experienced attorney on your side can ensure that all damages are thoroughly assessed and that you receive the compensation you deserve for your burn injury claim. 

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Common Causes of Burn Injuries in Brooklyn

Burn injuries can occur in various instances in New York.

Some common scenarios where burn injuries happen include:

It’s important to note that burn injuries can happen in various other situations, and the severity can range from minor to life-threatening. It’s crucial to take precautions, follow safety guidelines, and seek medical attention promptly in the event of a burn injury. If the accident was caused by the negligence of another party, either due to carelessness or the faulty maintenance of equipment such as appliances or electrical wiring, seeking legal counsel is important. 

At Kucher Law Group, our team of skilled Brooklyn burn injury lawyers can assist in investigating the circumstances of your case and providing legal support in establishing a claim for compensation. 

Types of Burn Injuries

Burn injuries are categorized into different degrees based on their severity and the extent of skin and tissue damage. Understanding the differences between each degree of burn is important for determining the appropriate treatment and potential long-term effects. The four main types of burn injuries are first-degree burns, second-degree burns, third-degree burns, and fourth-degree burns. 

Types of Burn InjuriesDetails
First-Degree BurnsSuperficial burns affecting the outer layer of the skin (epidermis). They cause redness, mild swelling, and pain. Usually heal within a week with home care.
Second-Degree BurnsBurns damaging both the epidermis and upper dermis. Characterized by blisters, red or blotchy skin, severe pain, and swelling. Smaller burns can be managed at home, larger burns require medical attention.
Third-Degree BurnsBurns damaging all skin layers, appearing white, yellow, black, or brown with a leathery texture. Numbness and reduced pain. Immediate medical attention needed.
Fourth-Degree BurnsMost severe burns reaching underlying muscles, bones, and tendons. Appear dry, charred, or blackened. Immediate medical intervention required.

These are superficial burns that only affect the outer layer of the skin, known as the epidermis. They typically cause redness, mild swelling, and pain. First-degree burns can be treated at home with proper care, such as gentle washing with soap and water, applying creams like aloe vera or antibiotic ointments, and taking pain-relief medications if needed. They usually heal within a week without complications.

These burns damage both the epidermis and the upper layer of the dermis. They are characterized by blisters, red or blotchy skin, severe pain, and swelling. Treatment for second-degree burns depends on their size and location. Smaller burns can be managed with first-aid measures at home, including cooling the burn, applying antibiotic ointments, and covering it with a non-stick dressing. Larger or more sensitive burns require immediate medical attention to prevent complications. Healing time for second-degree burns varies but can take up to three weeks with appropriate care.

This type of burn damages all layers of the skin, including the epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous tissue. Third-degree burns often appear white, yellow, black, or brown and have a leathery or waxy texture. Nerve endings are typically destroyed, resulting in numbness and reduced pain. Immediate medical attention is necessary for third-degree burns. Treatment may involve intravenous fluids, pain management, antibiotics, skin grafting, or surgery. Healing from third-degree burns can be complex, with potential long-term consequences such as infections, scarring, limited mobility, and permanent disfigurement.

These are the most severe burns that extend through all skin layers and reach underlying muscles, bones, and tendons. Fourth-degree burns appear dry, charred, or blackened and are usually painless due to the destruction of nerve endings. Immediate and aggressive medical intervention is required for fourth-degree burns, including resuscitation, intravenous fluids, pain management, wound care, skin grafting, and specialized burn care in a burn center. Long-term consequences of fourth-degree burns can include permanent loss of function, mobility issues, disfigurement, and sometimes amputation. The healing process is prolonged and requires specialized care and rehabilitation for optimal recovery.

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Causes of Burn Injuries

Burn injuries are a common type of trauma that can lead to significant pain, disfigurement, and even death. They result from exposure to various sources of damage to the skin and underlying tissues. There are four main causes of burn injuries: chemical burns, electrical burns, thermal burns, and radiation burns.

Chemical burns occur when the skin comes into contact with a toxic substance, typically a strong acid or alkali. These substances can damage or destroy the cells of the skin and underlying tissues, leading to the characteristic symptoms of a burn injury.

Some common sources of chemical burns include:

  • Industrial and household cleaning products, such as bleach, drain cleaner, and ammonia. 
  • Automotive chemicals, such as battery acid and coolant.
  • Swimming pool chemicals, such as chlorine and other disinfectants.
  • Agricultural chemicals, such as pesticides and fertilizers.

It is essential to handle these substances with care and to wear appropriate protective equipment, such as gloves and goggles, to avoid accidental exposure. In the event of a chemical burn, immediate and appropriate first aid is critical to minimize injury and reduce the risk of infection, scarring, or other complications. 

Electrical burns are caused by contact with an electrical current, such as from a power outlet, wiring, or lightning. These burns can be particularly dangerous because they often affect not only the skin but also underlying tissues, nerves, blood vessels, and bones. High voltages can cause severe injuries or even stop the heart, leading to potentially fatal complications.

Some common sources of electrical burns include: 

  • Faulty electrical outlets or appliances
  • Downed power lines or exposure to live wires
  • Contact with electrified water or metal objects
  • Lightning strikes

To avoid electrical burns, always ensure that electrical equipment is properly maintained, and observe safety precautions when working with or near electricity. In case of an electrical burn, seeking immediate medical attention is crucial, as internal injuries may not be immediately apparent. 

Thermal burns are the most common type of burn injury and are caused by exposure to heat. Thermal burns can result from contact with hot surfaces, hot liquids or steam, or open flames. They can range from minor first-degree burns that only affect the skin’s outer layer to severe third-degree burns that damage all layers of the skin and require medical intervention.

Some common sources of thermal burns include: 

  • Fire or open flames
  • Hot appliances or surfaces (such as stoves or irons)
  • Boiling water, hot beverages, or steam
  • Heated metals, glass, or plastics

To prevent thermal burns, always use caution around heat sources and ensure that safety measures are in place, such as using oven mitts or potholders when handling hot items. For those who experience a thermal burn, prompt and appropriate treatment is essential to minimize the risk of infection and prevent long-term complications. 

Radiation burns are caused by exposure to high-energy radiation, such as ultraviolet (UV) light, ionizing radiation from nuclear material, or high-powered lasers. These burns can range in severity depending on the level of exposure and can be accompanied by other symptoms depending on the type of radiation involved.

Some common sources of radiation burns include: 

  • Sunburn from excessive exposure to UV rays
  • Tanning bed use
  • Medical radiation treatments, such as X-rays or radiation therapy
  • Exposure to nuclear material or high-powered lasers (typically in occupational settings)

To avoid radiation burns, limit exposure to harmful sources of radiation and ensure proper safety precautions are in place in occupational settings where high-powered lasers or nuclear materials are present. In the case of a radiation burn, treatment will depend on the type and severity of the injury, as well as any accompanying symptoms that may be present. Always seek medical attention for a suspected radiation burn.

Brooklyn Burn Injury Lawyer Services

Burn injuries can be traumatic, life-altering events that result in long-lasting physical and emotional pain. The effects of a burn injury can often linger for years, causing a significant impact on the victim’s quality of life. If you or a loved one has suffered a burn injury as a result of someone else’s negligence or wrongdoing, seeking the help of a Brooklyn burn injury lawyer can be an important step toward obtaining the compensation you deserve.

The first step in seeking legal representation for your burn injury case is the initial case evaluation and consultation. A skilled Brooklyn burn injury lawyer will thoroughly review the details of your case, evaluating its merit and the potential for financial recovery. During the consultation, the lawyer will discuss your legal rights and options, evaluate the strength and weaknesses of your claim, and provide a realistic estimate of the potential outcome.

It is crucial to provide your attorney with all the available information regarding the burn injury, including medical records, accident report, eyewitness statements, and photographs of the injury. This will help your attorney accurately assess your case and provide the best legal advice for your specific situation.

After taking your case, your Brooklyn burn injury lawyer will begin an in-depth investigation into the incident that caused your injury. This may involve obtaining additional documentation, interviewing witnesses, reviewing any surveillance footage, and consulting with experts in relevant fields.

The lawyer will work diligently to gather all the necessary evidence to build a strong case on your behalf. This may include:

  • Medical records detailing your burn injuries, treatment, and prognosis
  • Expert testimony from doctors, engineers, or other professionals
  • Documents and reports from the scene of the accident
  • Witness statements and interviews
  • Relevant building codes, safety regulations, or product manuals

The goal of this investigation is to establish the liability of the responsible party and to demonstrate the full extent of your damages.

Once the necessary evidence has been gathered, the Brooklyn burn injury lawyer will proceed with filing a personal injury lawsuit against the responsible parties. This may include individuals, corporations, property owners, or other entities contributing to your burn injury.

Your attorney will carefully draft and file all necessary legal documents with the appropriate court, ensuring that all requirements and deadlines are met throughout the process. Your lawyer should also manage all aspects of your case, keeping you informed and advocating for your best interests every step of the way.

In many cases, a burn injury lawsuit can be resolved through settlement negotiations before it reaches trial. A skilled Brooklyn burn injury lawyer will engage in settlement negotiations with the defendant’s insurance company or legal counsel to seek a fair and favorable resolution for your claim.

Your attorney will utilize the evidence gathered during the investigation to effectively advocate for your best interests during settlement discussions. They will negotiate on your behalf and advise you on whether a proposed settlement offer adequately addresses the full scope of your damages.

If a fair settlement cannot be reached through negotiations, the Brooklyn burn injury lawyer will be prepared to take your case to trial. They will develop a compelling strategy and present your case persuasively to a judge or jury, seeking to obtain the maximum compensation allowed by law for your injuries.

Throughout the trial process, your attorney will be your dedicated advocate, fighting to hold the responsible parties accountable for their actions. At Kucher Law Group, our Brooklyn burn injury attorneys work tirelessly to achieve the best possible outcome in our clients’ cases, ensuring that they receive the compensation they deserve for their physical, emotional, and financial losses. 

If you have received a burn injury due to the negligence of another party in Brooklyn, we may be able to seek compensation on your behalf.

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Statute of Limitations for Burn Injury Claims in Brooklyn

Burn injuries are often painful and traumatic events that can lead to significant medical expenses, loss of wages, and emotional distress. In Brooklyn, New York, victims of personal injury, product liability, or medical malpractice causing burn injuries have a certain time period to file a lawsuit against the responsible party to receive compensation for their losses. This period is referred to as the statute of limitations. The purpose of the statute of limitations is to ensure that legal disputes are resolved promptly and to provide fairness to both parties involved. The guidelines for burn injury claims vary depending on which type of claim is being pursued.

If you have suffered a burn injury in Brooklyn due to the negligence of another individual, such as in a car accident, construction site accident, or a slip and fall incident, you may be eligible for compensation through a personal injury claim. In New York, the statute of limitations for personal injury claims is generally three years from the date of the incident. This means that you have three years from the date of the injury to file your lawsuit against the responsible party.

If you miss this filing deadline, your case will likely be dismissed, and you will lose the opportunity to pursue compensation for your burn injuries. There are a few exceptions to this general three-year statute of limitations, such as incidents involving a minor or when the defendant is a government entity. In these cases, consult with a personal injury attorney to determine the specific timeline for your case.

Navigating the complex laws surrounding burn injury claims requires the assistance of an experienced Brooklyn personal injury attorney. An attorney can help ensure that your case is filed within the appropriate statute of limitations and that your rights are protected throughout the legal process.

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Types of Compensation in a Burn Injury Case

Burn injuries can be incredibly devastating, and those who have experienced such trauma deserve compensation for their damages. The various categories for compensation in a burn injury case include medical expenses, loss of income, pain and suffering, emotional trauma, disability and disfigurement, and punitive damages. 

One of the most significant aspects of compensation in a burn injury case revolves around medical expenses. These expenses often consist of initial hospital stays, surgeries, post-surgical care, and rehabilitation. In many instances, burn victims require long-term medical care, including skin grafts, physical therapy, and occupational therapy.

The cost of these treatments can be astronomical, and the victim may be left with mounting medical bills. Compensation in a burn injury case should cover all current and future medical expenses incurred as a direct result of the injury sustained. Additionally, the victim may be eligible for compensation for any costs associated with medication, medical devices, in-home care, and any other medically necessary services.

Burn injuries can also severely impact a victim’s ability to work. In some cases, the victim may be unable to return to their previous job or may have to accept a lower-paying position due to their injury. Victims deserve compensation for lost wages resulting from the time spent away from work during treatments and recovery.

Additionally, victims should be compensated for any potential lost future income due to the lasting effects of their injuries. This is known as loss of earning capacity and is determined by various factors such as the victim’s age, health, education, and experience. Working with an experienced attorney to accurately calculate past and future lost income to ensure maximum compensation is crucial.

Burn injuries can lead to significant physical pain and suffering. In a compensation case, pain and suffering relates to the mental anguish and physical pain endured because of the injury. It can include emotional distress, depression, anxiety, and overall reduced quality of life.

Calculating pain and suffering compensation can be subjective and varies based on individual circumstances and the severity of the injuries sustained. An attorney can help to communicate the extent of the victim’s suffering to pursue appropriate compensation.

Burn injuries can be emotionally traumatizing, leaving victims to deal with post-traumatic stress, depression, anxiety, and other psychological issues. Compensation for emotional trauma can help cover the costs of therapy and mental health treatment required to cope with these issues. Additionally, it aims to acknowledge the non-financial impact the injury has had on the victim’s life.

In many cases, burn injuries can lead to permanent disability or disfigurement. These life-altering conditions can result in a loss of enjoyment of life, social anxiety, loss of mobility, and even negative impacts on relationships. When seeking compensation, victims should consider the impact of their disability or disfigurement on their overall quality of life and their ability to participate in activities they once enjoyed.

In some cases, punitive damages may be awarded in burn injury cases. These damages are designed to punish the responsible party if their actions were particularly egregious or reckless, such as intentionally causing harm or being grossly negligent. Punitive damages go beyond simply compensating the victim for their injuries, serving as a deterrent to prevent similar conduct in the future. The availability and amount of punitive damages vary depending on the jurisdiction and specific circumstances of the case. An experienced attorney can help determine if pursuing punitive damages is appropriate and warranted in a burn injury case.

Working with an Experienced Burn Injury Lawyer from Kucher Law Group

Experiencing burn injuries can be an inconvenience at best and a life-threatening situation at worse. After sustaining injuries in an accident, your priority should be your recovery. Getting the help of a competent burn injury lawyer in Brooklyn can ensure that your best interests are protected and that you have an advocate on your side while you focus on healing. 

Incurring burn injuries can lead to loss of wages, expensive medical costs, and extensive rehabilitation and reconstructive surgery. It is important to have an attorney on your side who can hold the responsible party accountable for their carelessness and negligence that caused your accident. 

At Kucher Law Group, our top-rated personal injury and burn injury attorneys have assisted injured parties and their families in filing claims to get the compensation they deserve. Our team leverages their combined skill and knowledge to provide quality legal representation and assistance and is ready to go to trial to defend your rights, if necessary. You do not have to face this alone.

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