When Should You Get A Lawyer For A Car Accident In New York?

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Automobile accidents can be traumatic, not just for the injured but their family and friends as well. To help you deal with the mental, physical and financial devastation you may wish to consult a New York car accident lawyer, an experienced personal injury attorney who can help you recover the compensation and help you get back on the road to financial recovery.

As anyone who drives or walks in New York City is aware, the streets of New York are congested, and traffic jams are an everyday occurrence. Busy roads lead to hundreds of speeding incidents every week, which result in car accidents and collisions across the city.

If you are dealing with the aftermath of a car accident, you may be asking yourself: “What is next?” How can I pay my medical and vehicle repair bills? When will I be able to get back to work? Who will watch after my children if I need treatment? However, no matter if your vehicle collision was large or small, if you are suffering a minor setback or potentially dealing with long-term consequences, it is always best to speak with a personal injury attorney as soon as possible.

Types Of Car Accidents That Require Legal Attention

Vehicle crashes can result in severe injuries to passengers and drivers. Bikers, motorcyclists and pedestrians, are also in danger of terrible trauma. It may be a good idea to find legal help ASAP if you’ve recently experienced:

  • Head-on Collisions. The force of two cars moving towards each other leaves a terrible impact. Colliding head-on can result in a wide range of injuries like neck injuries, head trauma, spinal cord injury, fractures, internal injuries, torn ligaments, etc.
  • Rear-end Collisions. Many people don’t think a fender-bender is a big deal. However, these accidents usually result in various catastrophic injuries as they occur at high speeds. Such mishaps can result in severe injuries to the vehicle’s occupants and drivers.
  • T-Bone Collisions (Side-Impact). Broadside collisions can result in serious injuries because of the proximity of passengers and drivers. These accidents can cause severe damage to an individual’s internal organs, shoulders, spinal cord, etc.
  • Rollover Accidents. Rollover accidents often crush the vehicle’s roof or cause it to collapse on the passengers or driver, leading to brain injury and severe head trauma. Chances are, you can damage your spine, leading to permanent paralysis, i.e., paraplegia or quadriplegia.

Essentially, there are two different categories when it comes to car accident injuries: Penetration Injuries and Impact Injuries.

  • Impact Injuries. These are typically caused when a body part hits against a surface inside your vehicle, like a dashboard, steering wheel, headrest, or windshield. Impact injuries include crushed and broken bones, internal bleeding, and injured internal organs. Head trauma and whiplash can also be categorized as impact injuries. These result in brain damage, spinal cord damage, concussion, etc. While airbags and seat belts can prevent several impact injuries, preventing them all is inevitable. Airbags work well during rear-end and head-on collisions. However, with side-impact crashes, such as T-bones, airbags aren’t that helpful.
  • Penetration Injuries. These include lacerations, punctures, and cuts caused by sheared metal or broken glass from a car’s frame. Harmless things such as cell phones, pens, coffee mugs, aluminum cans, and glass bottles can cause considerable puncture injuries in the destruction and chaos of a crash.

Get Legal Help With Kucher Law Group

Car accidents can significantly impact your health as well as finances. Medical bills, severe injuries, lost earning capacity, and lost wages add to the victims’ woes.

Moreover, emotional trauma can leave you scarred and in need of long-term care. Fortunately, New York laws offer legal recourse, pursuing actions to get you compensation for the pain and loss.

The aftermath of an accident’s injury can have a devastating effect. This is why it is vital to rely on a dependable attorney to spearhead your recovery process. At Kucher Law Group we conduct an in-depth investigation to determine the cause of the accident, establish responsible parties and work hard to secure the compensation you deserve.

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