What Is The Difference Between A Trip And Fall, And A Slip And Fall?

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There is a common propensity to interchange the terms slip and fall and trip and fall as if they are the same. There is a difference between the two but it is not as complicated as you may think. A slip occurs when a portion of your foot or footwear comes into contact with a slippery surface or substance. In other words, it’s a surface where it is difficult to stand or hold firmly causing your footwear to slide or slip forcing you to lose your balance and fall. A trip occurs when your foot or footwear comes into contact with an object that ceases it from moving forward causing you to fall. Sometimes a case may involve both a slip and a trip. Each type of fall may ultimately result in different kinds of injuries. Fall victims who have slipped often end up falling backward and typically sustain injuries involving the back of the head and neck, the back, the spinal cord, the hips, ankles, and sometimes even wrists. Fall victims who have tripped often end up falling forward which would cause injuries to the front of the head and face, hands, arms, knees, and feet. While it is easy to differentiate between the two, there are complexities in the litigation of the different types of falls. If you or someone you know has suffered an injury due to a fall, consulting with a slip and fall lawyer can help you put together a solid claim.

What Should You Do After Experiencing a Trip and Fall or Slip and Fall in New York?

Because fall injuries are so common, attempting to sue the party responsible for the accident can be complicated. First, if you are the victim of a fall, assess any potential injuries and seek necessary medical attention right away. The most important thing when it comes to fall cases is to figure out what caused the accident and how the fall happened. Make note of the situation. What were you doing when the fall happened? Where were you going? If it is safe to do so, take photos or a video of the exact location where you fell. It is equally important to get contact information from any witnesses, and contact an experienced and trusted trip and fall lawyer.

Why is The Difference Between a “Slip” and a “Trip” So Important In The Court Of Law?

The difference is important because the evidence collected must prove that the accident was foreseeable and that the injuries sustained by the victim were preventable. If evidence from a case describes a trip over an uneven sidewalk but the victim states that the ball of their foot stepped on the uneven surface of the sidewalk and they slipped, then the entire case may be rendered invalid. This could result in no compensation for your injuries. Understanding how an accident occurred and clearly describing the facts surrounding the incident is the best way to ensure recovery.

Experienced Trip and Fall and Slip and Fall Lawyers – Kucher Law Group

The proper guidance on slip/trip fall cases can make all the difference in the outcome. Choosing an attorney to represent your case in the court of law is an important decision to make. By being experienced and well educated in the large and small, minute details, that may be involved in a trip versus a slip, Kutcher Law can help you navigate this complex legal area. Contact us today to learn more.

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