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New York City Nursing Home Wandering and Elopement Lawyer

Many elderly individuals who live in nursing homes or assisted living facilities are at risk when they don’t have the appropriate oversight and care. One of the ways they are particularly at risk is when they wander off without assistance. This puts them in harm’s way and in danger of encountering situations that may put their well-being or very life in jeopardy. If your loved one has been injured while wandering at or away from their care facility, this can signal negligence. You may need the assistance of a New York nursing home wandering lawyer to get to the bottom of it.

At Kucher Law, experienced attorney Samantha Kucher and our experienced team of nursing home negligence lawyers have represented many families whose loved ones have been put at risk in these settings. If the nursing home or care facility has acted negligently and it has resulted in harm to your family member, you may be able to help them seek compensation and hold the negligent parties accountable.

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Nursing Home Residents Wandering May Indicate Facility Neglect

Families dedicate significant time and financial resources to finding a nursing home facility that offers the best care for their loved ones. When they find one that they feel they can trust, it offers incredible peace of mind. But even when a family finds a facility to provide the proper daily care, if there is not adequate and skilled staffing on hand and their loved one wanders away, this is another form of nursing home neglect.

Nursing homes are legally required to responsibly and ethically care for their residents. In addition to the obvious assistance with their daily activities, nutritional, medical, and emotional care, and other daily needs, a nursing home staff must protect vulnerable residents from injury or harm. When a resident becomes injured or harmed while wandering around or away from the safety of the facility, the facility itself can be held accountable for any resulting harm.

If someone you love has been neglected in a care facility, they may be entitled to compensation. Neglect has been happening more often in assisted living and care facilities and they should take the responsibility for their injured residents. Contact us today to schedule a consultation (929) 274 8000.

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When Movement is Not Safe In A New York City Nursing Home

Movement in a nursing home setting is suitable for many residents. Mobility in the halls and throughout the facility allows some residents to exercise, provide mental stimulation, and relieve stress and loneliness. This can improve their physical, mental, and emotional well-being. While movement should be encouraged for these individuals, staff must maintain the proper oversight so residents don’t disrupt other residents or wander into dangerous areas of the facility. In some cases, residents may try to actively leave the facility altogether.

Nursing home wandering that is not properly supervised inside the facility can lead to residents who are cognitively impaired coming into contact with unsafe situations and injuries. Nursing home elopement takes them away from the safe confines of the facility into potentially dangerous situations. Either of these can be caused by nursing home negligence.

When your loved one has been injured or otherwise harmed because of nursing home neglect, you need an experienced advocate in your corner. The skilled New York personal injury attorneys at Kucher Law can help you hold the facility accountable for any harm that befell your family member while wandering or nursing home elopement.

What is New York City Nursing Home Elopement?

When a resident of a nursing home or long-term care facility leaves that facility unsupervised, it is referred to as elopement. Elopement, as a medical term, means to leave a treatment facility without appropriate permission or authorization. Elopement can be a particular issue in nursing homes, and those who successfully leave can put themselves at serious risk.

Residents of nursing home facilities try to elope for a variety of reasons. Although most are related to residents with dementia or other cognitive issues, others may try to leave soon after their initial placement because of the unfamiliarity with the environment. While some reasons for elopement are apparent, some residents will attempt to leave because of boredom, agitation, disorientation, a perceived lack of freedom, or past patterns of behavior. Many residents take to wandering or elopement when their care needs are unmet. 

Nursing home wandering, elopement, and other neglect are dangerous to vulnerable residents and can lead to serious injuries and even death. If your loved one is the victim of nursing home neglect, experienced attorney Samantha Kucher and our skilled staff of NYC nursing home wandering lawyers at Kucher Law help. Call us today to schedule a consultation.

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Dementia and Nursing Home Wandering

Over 50 percent of nursing home and long-care facility residents suffer from some form of dementia. And while exact figures vary, it is estimated that nearly a third of nursing home residents and between 25 and 70 percent of those with dementia wander in and from nursing home and long-term care settings. The most dangerous form of wandering, elopement, can leave cognitively impaired and confused residents in situations that can result in injuries, hypothermia, or even death.

Facilities must constantly assess their residents’ possible propensity to wander, even if they do not appear capable of it. This demands that nursing home staff and administrators take proactive measures to protect those in their care.

When nursing home staff members properly communicate, understand, and meet the needs of their residents, it helps them feel a greater sense of security. Unfortunately, when nursing home wandering or elopements occur, it can be indicative of nursing home neglect or even abuse.

What Are the Dangers of Nursing Home Wandering and Elopement?

While nursing home wandering and elopement are always potential issues in long-term care settings, this behavior can lead to serious dangers for the resident. When a loved one wanders about the facility or leaves the facility entirely, they may be left unsupervised by skilled staff for an extended time. This can lead to many unfortunate consequences.

Nursing home residents are often unable to care for and protect themselves even while wandering inside the facility. Nursing homes are required by law to assess the risk factors of nursing home residents and if they are in jeopardy of wandering, the facility has the responsibility of protecting them and preventing them from wandering or leaving and potentially getting harmed.

New York City nursing home abuse is becoming more rampant these days, and family members always have to be on the lookout for abuse common signs to protect their loved ones. Wandering or elopement from the facility may be a cause for a loved one to be involved in accidents.

If a loved one suffered from injuries like bone fractures or wounds during a wandering incident, they may be entitled to compensation. Contact attorney Samantha Kucher and our team of experienced nursing home abuse lawyers at (929) 274 8000 to know how we can help.

How Can Facilities Protect Their Residents From Wandering?

While nursing homes must meet the social and physical needs of their residents, they are required to enact reasonable actions to keep those who are prone to wandering safe and inside the appropriate areas of the facility. This demands that administration and staff have proactive measures in place, with:

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Neglectful and Unsafe Nursing Home Environments

While many nursing home residents wander or elope because of a social need or cognitive impairment, some may feel unsafe in their environment. When a resident feels unsafe, there may be a good reason. 

Nursing home abuse and neglect affect thousands of institutional residents and their families each year. The National Center for Victims of Crime reports that 10 percent of older adults that live in these community settings are victims of some form of elder abuse or neglect, including:

Unfortunately, not all cases of abuse are reported, and many seniors are unable or unwilling to report their abuse or neglect for fear of retaliation.

Nursing homes have a legal obligation to ensure the safety of the residents in their care, free from abusive or neglectful behavior. They must have hiring practices in place that ensures that their staff is background-checked, experienced, and has no previous record of any abuse or neglect. If they have failed in their legal obligation, they may be held liable if a resident has been injured due to their negligence.

At Kucher Law Group, skilled attorney Samantha Kucher and our team of New York City nursing home abuse lawyers may be able to help a victim receive compensation for their injuries.

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What Compensation Can You Be Entitled to in Nursing Homes Wandering?

If your loved one suffered injuries while wandering or eloping from a nursing home or long-term care facility, they might be entitled to compensation for damages. These include:

If your loved one died as a result of the nursing home’s negligence, your family may be eligible to bring a wrongful death claim against the institution. Let the New York nursing home wandering lawyers at Kucher Law help you get the compensation you and your loved one deserve.

Getting Legal Assistance From An Experienced Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

If you have a loved one that has experienced an injury or other damages in a nursing home wandering incident, you may be able to hold the facility and staff liable for those damages.

At Kucher Law, our experienced group of New York nursing home wandering attorneys have devoted their careers to the rights of the victim. We can help you build your claim of negligence and help you get the justice you deserve. We understand nursing home state and federal regulations and would be happy to evaluate your situation to see if you have a valid compensation claim.

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